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Helping Fort Campbell Soldiers

 Fort Campbell Soldiers -

“All Fort Campbell soldiers seem to come home with bloat issues… MRE’s, vaccinations, Malaria pills, antibiotics are generally the things that set you up to feel bloated and have digestive problems.”

Are you -

  • just returning home from deployment and now you feel bloated all time?
  • suffering from  bowel movements that have  slowed or stopped?
  • facing a “weight & tape” test in the near future?
  • unable to keep your weight in the “normal” range?
  • confused about what to eat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… Clarksville Colonics is able to assist you!   Here are some programs that can help you:

1.  PASSING WEIGHT & TAPE TEST (We’ve specialized in this for years… we have programs that work!)

2. REGULARITY (You should have one BM for each full meal that you eat)

3. DETOX & CLEANSING (colon, galbladder, liver, removing heavy metals, etc)

4. FOOD PSYCHOLOGY COACHING (Find out… what’s sabotaging your weight loss and bowel movements..and what to do about it)

SPECIAL: (if the one below isn’t right for you… call for other programs and pricing)

Military Weight and Tape Program (EXPRESS Program)

Crash course on removing maximum waste and inches from mid-section.
  • Intake forms,
  • Personalized coaching & guidelines,
  • (1)-Advanced-Super-Flush Colonic
  • (1) 30 minute Initial Detox-Sauna treatment
  • (1 )ONE HOUR-Infrared Sauna treatment,
  •  (1)-Inch loss ab wrap.

Regularly $299… NOW… $264

GUARANTEE...While the program is “express” to hurry your results… the service and time spent with you is not rushed. Every detail of the program will be carefully reviewed during your counseling session on your first treatment.  Hundreds of satisfied and successful soldiers have already used our services to pass their weight and tape test… We can help you too!  Just make your first appointment and NO PAYMENT is due in advance. Come in and talk and decide for yourself if this is what you want. We honor a “no-sales” approach with our clients. IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN OUR PROGRAM…YOU OWE NOTHING.

Book your appointment now for our “Weight & Tape” prep and save $35 OFF the regular price! [LIMITED OFFER]

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